Tracking Services

Revolutionizing Electronic Monitoring with Ankle Monitors & GPS Tracking Watches

Embrace advanced supervision and AI-driven real-time electronic monitoring through GPS smartwatches, and ankle monitors. Elevate the efficiency and fairness of the justice system with American Tracking Services (ATS), leading the way in global positioning system (GPS) and smart justice solutions. Discover a new era of monitoring and legal technology, ensuring safety and compliance.
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Services Offered

Electronic Monitoring

Real-time electronic monitoring using GPS and Cellular technology to enhance defendant monitoring and compliance management to enable faster response and increased accountability within the justice system.

Efficient Bail Bonds

Streamlined and automated bail bonds process to reduced paperworks, improve transparency, and ensure faster turnaround time for defendants and legal professionals.

Risk Assessment Services

AI-powered risk assessment tools for the criminal justice system for improved accuracy and efficiency in determining defendant risk levels.

Ankle Monitors

ATS ankle monitor offers unmatched location accuracy, a durable strap design, and advanced tamper alerts, ensuring efficient caseload management and quick officer responses for superior supervision.

GPS Tracking Smartwatches

The ATS GPS Tracking Smartwatch allows defendants to blend seamlessly into public settings without attracting attention, ensuring discreet supervision while maintaining precise location tracking and instant alert capabilities.

Comprehensive Compliance Management

A robust compliance management system using advanced technology for simplified monitoring, ensuring adherence to legal requirements, and minimized compliance risks for justice-related organizations.

Innovative Legal Sector Solutions

Cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of the legal sector using AI and automation to optimize workflows, enhance decision-making, and drive overall efficiency.

Rehabilitation Management

A comprehensive system of devices and applications that enables the supervision, tracking, and recovery of individuals undergoing rehabilitation and alcohol testing.

AI Support Chatbot

The ATS AI Support Chatbot enhances Smart Justice by aiding judges, agents, and defendants with efficient navigation, real-time support, and quick responses to queries, ensuring an effective and seamless user experience.

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Tracking Services

Ankle Monitors & GPS Tracking Solutions for Smart Justice